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Written by Sandra

It’s cold outside and what better way to keep warm than exploring Unisport’s Winter Sale and who knows - you might end up with some great winter gear yourself.

2021 just started and it’s freezing outside. But who doesn’t love to go outside and play some football even though it’s cold? We, here at Unisport, sure do. And to make this more comfortable, we made a small guide for you to explore. Let’s dig in to the Winter Sale



Well, it’s hard to play football without a football, so we thought that the most important equipment for playing football should be at the top of our list of Winter Sale. You can get the latest footballs with the best technologies and at all price points at Unisport.

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Football boots

According to us, the second most important equipment for playing football, is football boots. But the choice of boots are so wide - and that’s why we’re here, to help you figure out what you need and what to choose.

Firstly, it depends on which surface you’re playing on. If you play on normal grass, then you’ll need a pair of Firm Ground boots (FG). You might also experience playing on a wet pitch and that is where you’ll need to play in Soft Ground boots (SG) Please be aware that these boots can only be used on soft pitches.

You can also experience playing on a harder pitch that might not be normal grass. But we have just the solution for you - you’ll need to have Artificial Grass boots (AG) to play on these special pitches.

Lastly, you can also play on asphalt, to play some street football or just doing some tricks. Then you’ll need a pair of Terf & Street boots (TF).

Unisport has a wide variety of different boots for you to choose

Football shirts

Here at Unisport, we love to show off our favourite team, especially if the team has won the night before - but really, who doesn’t? If you also love to show off your team and wear their newest football shirt whenever you play football - then you’ve come to the right place. We are sure that we can provide you with just what you need. Whether you're a fan of Liverpool, Manchester United, Inter, Juventus, Barcelona or Real Madrid.

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Remember that you can get print on your football shirt. So next time you order a PSG shirt, you can also add Mbappé print on the back. You simply just add the shirt to your cart and choose “Add print”. You can also get your own name on the back if you want to feel like the biggest football stars.


Besides wearing shirts from our favourite team, we sure do love to wear lifestyle products - Sporty with a great fashion sense. Unisport offers everything from hoodies, sweatpants, to sneakers etc.

We offer a wide range of brands, such as Nike, adidas, PUMA, FILA and New Balance.

Get a hold on your style outside of the pitch and take a look at our lifestyle category

Winter equipment

When playing football outside it’s important to keep warm and that’s what winter equipment is all about. If we take it from the inside and out, firstly you’ll need baselayer. Then you’ll need a training shirt and pants. After that, you can choose between wearing a rain jacket or a winter jacket.

We must not forget maybe the smallest winter equipment, but probably the most important - we’re talking about player gloves, a beanie and neck warmer or a snood

We have done everything in our power to prepare you for the winter with our selection of different winter essentials - now it’s up to you to explore our assortment.

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