Nike Spectrum | The spring is right around the corner


Written by William

The spring is near and lighter days are coming ahead and Nike is ready to show off their newest colourway. And these boots make us feel even happier about the future and better days. Light it up and let’s dig into the colourway!

We all know the feeling when the winter just feels too long. Sure there are days when it’s nice and cozy to be inside - maybe watching some football - but it’s not something that we would like to last too long. Spring can’t come soon enough so we can lace up the boots and burst onto the pitches and show off our skills again.

And there’s no better way to head into spring than wearing new and colourful boots. This is something you can get with the new pack from Nike - It’s called Spectrum. The colours are really something else on all three boots, which includes Mercurial, Phantom GT and Tiempo.

The name - ‘Spectrum’ - is the visible colours in light. They can be seen in a rainbow as an example. And it’s the perfect way to welcome the sunlight, spring and warmer temperatures. Take a look at the boots right here. Then we will go through the boots afterwards!

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Nike Mercurial

Mercurials are eye catching as always. And the vibrant, red colourway really stands out! The Vaporposite upper really gives us a clear view of the technologies underneath the surface with a see-through effect, which we also saw on Mercurial Dragonfly.

The red upper is topped off with a cool looking Swoosh with green outline. The green colours can also be seen on the amazing soleplate, which combines grey, blue and green together along with red studs. These boots have got to be fast!

Nike Phantom GT

We’re moving on to Phantom GT. The boots for the player who wants to take control of the pitch and boss everyone around. A Flyknit upper made in a stunning sky blue colour. A perfect match to the sky in the spring - we can already picture it! The silver lines and Swoosh is a nice, exclusive touch to the boots. And we also see a green colour on the soleplate on this one. This time it’s on the studs. The rest of the soleplate is made in a subtle black.

Nike Tiempo Legend

And last but not least we have Tiempo. The classy boot for the player who loves comfort and wants to look stylish in a classic way. Tiempo does not only have a comfortable leather upper. It’s a WHITE leather upper. It looks amazing to be honest. It’s a really clean look and the only thing that stands out is the green Swoosh - and once again we see the green colour underneath with the studs.

The Spectrum boots will be worn by the biggest Nike players - such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane and Virgil van Dijk.

We really can’t decide which of the Spectrum boots that is the best looking. Hopefully you can make your mind up. Otherwise you can check all the boots out at Unisport, since we got them on pre sale!

Find the Nike Spectrum right here!