Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 004 | The boot from outer space


Written by Sandra

Nike has outdone themselves with the newest member to the Mercurial Dream Speed silo. We present to you - from outer space - Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 004. Faster than ever before.

Mercurial Dream Speed 004 has just landed and it is, as the name suggests, the fourth edition of the Mercurial Dream Speed pack. Though, it’s the first Dream Speed boot that’s based on the new Superfly 8. The boot has the speed of a spacecraft as it re-enters the atmosphere, which gives extreme energy. The looks of it is also giving us the feeling of incredible high speed. Let’s dig into the design.

Mercurial Dream Speed 004

This boot’s design is mind blowing and out this world, namely outer space. The colourway of this boot compliments very well the ‘From outer space’ concept. The colored white/metallic silver/pure platinum boot with a red-yellow gradient upper design is giving us the feeling of a spacecraft or a meteorite - well, actually just space in general. Another sign of speed, is the white/black chequered square on the upper, which to us resembles a racing flag and that is once again adding to the looks of speed. What about the techs of the boot? We’ll answer that under the pictures.

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What is a Mercurial made off?

Let’s take a look at the techs of Nike Mercurial Dream Speed 004. The boots are the first Dream Speed made of Nike’s new Mercurial model - the Superfly 8. So the techs are like the one we saw on Nike Mercurial Dragonfly, Nike Mercurial Spectrum and Nike Mercurial Black x Prism. In general, the new Mercurial is the definition of tech, fit and transparency - with a need for speed (in this case, more speed than ever). All unnecessary layers have been removed, exposing the beauty of the bare essentials. The upper is the revolutionizing Vaporposite which, among other things, produces a unique fit and sure helps the touch on the ball. And on the sides of the hell, you’ll find the Speed Wings as well. Read more in-depth about the high techs of the boot right here

If speed isn’t enough to convince you, then maybe the footballers are? We already know what you’re gonna ask - who is gonna wear the boots? Players who always love new Superfly’s and will wear exactly these, are players such as Christian Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Sam Kerr and Barbara Bonansea.

Available for presale at Unisport today!

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