adidas Copa Sense Inner Life | New limited colourway for the Copa Sense


Written by Lasse

The new Copa Sense has been turned inside out and out of it came a new colourway - and it’s giving us some serious spring vibes. We’ve waited for a white Copa and here it is! So let’s take a look at the boot that turns our world upside down, by turning itself inside out.


The name says it all; adidas Copa Sense + Inner Life. We see the Copa Sense from a whole other view, namely from the inside instead of the outside. But what makes this colourway so special? Besides it being a Limited Edition. We’ll tell you right away!

Copa Sense + Inner Life

The Copa Sense Inner Life is the perfect boot to explain what makes the new Copa Sense silo so special. Just by taking a look at Inner Life, you’ll quickly see how the graphics and design highlights the important areas and techs of the boot. These simple things can by themself explain the new Copa Sense and how it is built. At all sounds nice, but in reality - how does the graphics of the Inner Life show the techs?

Well, if we take a closer look at the upper, we’ll see how the key technology points are marked on the boot, by different colours. We can see how the Touchpods are marked in blue and red on the in- and outside. On the heel area, you’ll also find some of the Sensepods being marked with a bright yellow. So these colourfoul markers shows some of the important elements of the Copa Sense. Besides the colour markers, you’ll find some lines - some even dotted - which really takes us behind the scene and into the process and thoughts of making a boot. It’s almost like the sketches of a boot are coming to life!

Take a look at the stunning Copa Sense Inner Life below, and read more about the Copa underneath the pictures.

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Techs of Copa Sense Inner Life

Let’s take a look at the techs, that adidas chose to highlight on this boot. At the upper you’ll find the colour-marked and innovative tech called Touchpods, which gives the best possible control and passing of the ball. The yellow-marked Sensepods on the heel are helping you have the ultimate lockdown. On the inside you'll still find the Sensepods for sublime comfort - even though they all aren't marked on the outside. The soleplate is the Senseframe and it helps you by giving stability and traction, when wearing the boot. All of these techs combined gives the boot a fine line between comfortability and stability. If you want to know more about the techs, read about the techs here.

Football players in Copa Sense

We all know one specific player, who loves the Copa and it’s no different with the Copa Sense Inner Life. It is of course the one and only Paulo Dybala. He has been a frontman for Copa some time now, and it will probably not change after he’s played in the Inner Life.

Are you also a fan of Copa and especially Copa Sense, then go and get yourself a pair of these crazy boots right here! They are limited, so you should hurry!