adidas Superspectral | A pink and orange upgrade


Written by Sandra

The European club tournaments are coming to an end and big tournaments in Europe and South America are to be held this summer - and for that, we obviously need new colourways. Luckily adidas are ready with a refreshment of their boots for this summer’s big games and tournaments. Say ‘Hi’ to Superspectral!


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Let’s start off with one of the first things that you might be thinking about. Doesn’t the name ‘Superspectral’ sound a bit familiar? Then you’re right - for a number of reasons. The ‘Super’ in Superspectral has already been used a couple of times before from adidas this year - more precisely in Superstealth and Superlative. We see a clear pattern from adi? We have no clue, why they all are named ‘Super-something’, but it sounds nice! But that’s not all… The ‘..spectr..’ in the name has also been used in 2021 before. This time by both Nike and PUMA - and more namely in Spectrum from Nike and Spectra from PUMA.

But enough of that weird word-similarities - the real question is; How do you bring fresh new energy into the tournaments of the summer with something as simple as boots? Well, you actually just do as adidas - you make a unique colour scheme, with primarily pink and orange, from back to end. And you give it a crazy name, of course. Boom - then you’ve made the summer more interesting and intriguing. And who knows - it might even give you a kick of freshness on the pitch while playing in these boots yourself?!

adidas Superspectral

adidas Superspectral is surely giving us, here at Unisport, the feeling of summer, sun and vibrant times - and we are now even more ready for the biggest tournaments this summer. But enough about us. Let’s dive into Superspectral. The new pack includes all of adidas silos - Predator Freak, X Ghosted, Copa Sense and Nemeziz. Let’s start off with the strongest of them all - the one and only Predator Freak!

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Predator Freak Superspectral

The adidas Predator Freak Superspectral is ready to take over the summer. For the boot to still have its dark, strong side, you’ll find that it has a black base. But to make it even more freaky and fresh, pink is added to the upper and to the soleplate - and to add just a little extra, the spikes went purple and so did the back of the soleplates, which also goes up the heel. We are quite stunned by this Predator - aren’t you?

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X Ghosted Superspectral

Next up we got the lightest of them all - the adidas X Ghosted Superspectral. Talking about summer and fresh colours! The X Ghosted has an overall pink colourway on the upper. The soleplate is fully orange, while there’s also orange lines on the side of the boot. The three adidas stripes on the side is black, but fading into a pale orange on the sides. This colourway is what we call a big refreshment to the silo. It’s time to shine your opponents away with the X Ghosted.

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Copa Sense Superspectral

Moving on to the newest kid on the block. The adidas Copa Sense Superspectral. This boot might have the least pink on it compared to the first two boots, but it’s still ready to kick off the summer tournaments in style. The upper is mainly in white, with black around the ankle area. The pink colour has snuck its way to the heel and down to the soleplate - more specific from the back to the middle of the soleplate. It’s bright and ready to kick some ball.

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Nemeziz Superspectral

The last boot in the Superspectal pack is the favourite choice of weapon for non other than Lionel Messi - it’s of course the Nemeziz. The Nemeziz is actually the only one without any pink details on it. Instead it is coloured in white, black and orange. A lovely colourway, which actually reminds us of two previous colourways. The Encryption pack from 2019 and the very first version of the Nemeziz - the Nemeziz 360Agility. If you combine those two colourways, we actually think you get pretty close to the Nemeziz Superspectral. And we think it looks awesome!

That was it - A quick walkthrough adidas pack for this summer’s big tournaments - and the last stages of Champions League and Europa League! We are very excited by Superspectral. So excited that we actually have a deal with adidas, that means you only can buy adidas Superspectral at Unisport, adidas and a selected few retailers. So if you are excited as well - then click on the link right below!

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