Inspired by the 60’s | New home shirt for Chelsea


Written by William

The new shirt for Chelsea FC is quite a sight to say the least! It will surely create some attention during next season! Learn more about it here!

It’s that time of the year where the biggest teams reveal their upcoming shirt for next season - including some of the biggest English teams. And now it’s time for Chelsea to do it - this time with a bold, new design!

According to the club, the shirt is inspired by the music, energy and feeling of the 1960’s. It sure is eye catching! And it seems to fit perfectly with the Chelsea team today. It’s the beginning of a new chapter with some exciting new, young players energizing the team on the pitch and connecting with the young fans.

The brave design is inspired by the work of Bridget Riley - one of the founders of the Op Art movement, which was hugely influential in the 1960’s. And it’s currently seeing an uprise and rebirth in West London - much like Chelsea FC! The club has been associated with fashion, style and culture for years, so it seems like a perfect fit. And this shirt might establish them as ‘The Pride of London’ again!

The shirt is made in a brighter and more vibrant blue than we usually see. It has hints of yellow around - both on the side-tape and in the Nike swoosh. The text “CFC” is seen on the back of the neck. And the crazy pattern with zigzag, swirls and squares also continues to the shorts to complete the full kit. The socks are white but with a touch of yellow and blue details to them.

We can all agree that this shirt is crazy! If you are a Chelsea fan or just love special football shirts, we recommend you to cop it today - because this one will be remembered in the world of football for years to come!

You can check out the Chelsea home shirt at Unisport right here!