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Chelsea also known as ’The Blues’ is a club you can find in the top flight every season. The trophy cabinet is getting bigger and bigger, included is big trophies like the Premier League and Champions League. So it’s fair to say that Chelsea is one of the big guys. On this page you will find a great selection of Chelsea kits, training wear and merchandise. So if you are a fan of Chelsea, this is without a doubt the perfect page for you.

Discover all the Chelsea kits at Unisports Chelsea shop

Are you a proud supporter of Chelsea? Then you should check out this great assortment of Chelsea shirts. We have the home kit, away kit, third kit, and even the goalkeeper kits. We know that Chelsea fans is among all ages, so we also have all sizes for kids & adults, therefore you can easily find the right size for you.

The Chelsea squad is full of star players, so why don’t get the name and number of your favourite player on the back of your next Chelsea shirt? You also have the option to choose your own name and favourite number, we can easily do that for you as well. If you look to complete your Chelsea kit, we also have a selection of Chelsea Shorts and Socks. Of course you can get it for all four Chelsea kits.

Chelsea home kit

Chelsea never disappoint their fans as they always come up with an exciting home shirt. The blue kit is getting more and more popular and has been witnessing some great moments at Stamford Bridge. If you support Chelsea and need a new shirt to show people that you’re a proud supporter, you should get the Chelsea home shirt at Unisport.

Chelsea away kit

Chelsea have had many great away shirts through the years, and this year is no exception. If you already have equipped the home shirt, but might need an shirt extra to show that you are a true supporter, the Chelsea away kit is definitely worth considering. Your team also need your support on away days, so what are you waiting for? Get the Chelsea away shirt here at Unisport.

Chelsea 3rd kit

If you just can’t get enough of your favourite team Chelsea, why not explore the Chelsea third kit? You can really show people that you support Chelsea until the end if you can show your own collection with all three kits. the third kit is always a bit more unpredictable because it can vary from season to season. So it’s always exciting to see when your team reveals the new third shirt for a season. Get yours today at Unisports Chelsea shop.

Chelsea player edition shirt

At Unisports Chelsea shop, you have the option to get the player edition shirt! But what is that? The player edition shirt is made of the exact same material and design as the players play with. Because of the material, it also has a more slim fit. If you want to get the same feeling as the first team players, then equip the Chelsea player edition kit here at Unisport.

Chelsea replica kit

This is the classic fan shirt as you know it. The replica kit is the exact same design as the players play with. But the material is slightly different from the player edition, and therefore a more regular fit and suited for everyday use. Get your Chelsea replica kit here at Unisport.

Chelsea merchandise

Here at our Chelsea shop, you can discover a great assortment of Chelsea merchandise. You can find Chelsea beanies, Chelsea mug, Chelsea scarfs and a lot more. It is certainly worth having a look at if you want to add something extra to show your Chelsea support. It is also a great idea for a gift to someone that you know is a true Chelsea fan. So don’t hesitate to grab your next Chelsea merchandise here at Unisport.

Chelsea lifestyle & training wear

At Unisports Chelsea shop, you can also explore a huge selection of Chelsea training wear and Chelsea lifestyle products. Football is becoming a lifestyle and therefore you can add some extra apparel like sweatshirts, hoodies, sneakers, pants and a lot more with a sporty look to your wardrobe. How cool would it be to wear the Chelsea badge with pride for everyday use? Would you also like to wear the same for training as the first team players? Then we have a great assortment of Chelsea training wear that includes t-shirts, shorts, training pants, and training shirts. So why not look like a pro Chelsea player when you train with your teammates? Shop the training wear and lifestyle products from our Chelsea shop at Unisport.

Buy your next Chelsea kit & merchandise at Unisport

Grab your next Chelsea shirt at Unisports Chelsea shop. Remember you can get all Chelsea kits in all sizes for kids & adults + print if you prefer that of course. Either with your favourite player or your own name and number. Merchandise is also a part of a fan collection, so why not grab you next Chelsea merchandise item here at Unisport? Maybe it’s something for yourself or someone you know that would love to have some merchandise from ‘the Blues’. There’s a great variety of Chelsea items at low prices, so find the things you like and order today at Unisport.

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