PREDCOPX | adidas launches a new fusion boot


Written by Sandra

The super boot over them all has landed! Possibly the boldest and most disruptive adidas boot ever seen. This is a whole new way of new thinking. Learn more about the innovative boot right here.

The boot is limited edition and you can get it right here at unisport!

adidas are launching a hybrid football boot and they have never released a boot that was a 3-in-1 boot before. First of all, the boot has a bold colour mix - even though you see the classic colours, with a black upper and the three white stripes, both pink and green breaks the classic and simple colours. The collar is pink and the famous Predator spikes are green. And let’s not forget the shiny soleplate that has made its way to this crazy boot.

What three silos is the boot made of? We’ll tell you right under the pictures!


To answer your question above the pictures, the boot is made out of three different adidas silos - Predator, Copa and X. This is the craziest tech mix-up construction that we’ve ever seen! Three boots fusioned into one limited boot. Let’s take a look at how the boot is actually constructed and where the different parts of the boot are from.

The boot’s upper = Predator Freak: The upper is made of DEMONSKIN 2.0, which control the elements on the upper and provide superhuman ball control.

The boot’s tongue/collar = Copa Sense: The tongue/collar is made of FUSION SKIN, which gives absolute touch on the ball.

The boot’s soleplate = X Ghosted: The soleplate is made of CARBITEX, which gives unlimited speed.

These three things fusioned into one boot is something that you will not regret getting. At Unisport we love all the different silos, so what’s better than combining them into one? You literally get the best of both worlds (or three worlds).

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