Chelsea away shirt 2021/22 | Celebrating the iconic yellow


Written by Sandra

We’ve seen some different colours on the Chelsea away shirt, but one the iconic colours are definitely yellow - and Nike have now brought it back. Read more about it here!

Chelsea away shirt 2021/22

Throughout every notable era in Chelsea FC’s history - each represented by iconic players and historic moments - yellow kits have been part of the tapestry. Iconic kits rooted within the Chelsea colour palette. This away shirt reintroduces the iconic yellow but in a new, vibrant way, paired together with black to create a striking, impactful and aesthetic design. And it’s definitely aligning to this new era of youth and energy. The pinstripes are a nod back to shirts of the past, but it still feels fresh, when paired together with black, and are therefore a new look for the club.

The horizontal pinstripes are on the front and on the sleeves and Nike brought back the sleeve cuffs, which are also black. If you take a look at the collar, you’ll notice that the rear is black and the front is yellow. An overall well thought off shirt. An iconic color, reintroduced for a new group of icons. Great job, Nike!

You can buy the new Chelsea away shirt for the 2021/22 season at Unisort right here!