Arsenal 3rd shirt 2021/22 | New bold design from adidas


Written by Sandra

Throughout the years Arsenal has had some crazy 3rd shirts and since they got back together with adidas, it has just gotten better and better. Take a look at the shirt below!

Who doesn’t remember the iconic shirts from the 90’s? We sure do and we love the idea of resigning iconic shirts. Through the prism of the London 90’s zeitgeist, adidas wanted to mix this moment in time with Arsenal’s DNA - creating a whole new generation of shirts.

Arsenal 3rd shirt 2021/22

The new Arsenal 3rd shirt 2021/22 introduces a bold design inspired by the iconic 'Blue Lightning' kits produced by Nike in the 90’s - more specifically in 1994 and 1995.

The shirt is primarily navy blue or maybe more mystery blue. It has a zigzag design in turquoise, which really resembles the iconic shirt. A red colour outlines the design and gives it a nice finish. But, that’s not the only thing that’s red! The adidas logo on the chest is two-coloured, both red and white. If you look closely at the inside of the collar, adidas continues to use the special label with the logo ‘Arsenal for Everyone’, which launched in 2008, and is an initiative to promote diversity. This logo can also be seen on the away shirt and the home shirt.

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