New Balance Football haven’t come to tango – but we knew as much already. With their new advert they completely underline the fact that they mean serious business. It’s full speed ahead – check it out here.

New balance today unveiled their new brand film, where they emphasise the importance of always striving to improve. It’s not about one win, or one goal, but rather every victory and every goal.

That is a message we can get behind and with stars like Kompany, Ramsey, Fellaini, Fernando, Januzaj, Navas and Nasri sliding through puddles (as you do…!), surrounded by flashing lights, you definitely have us sold.

New Balance are really building up steam as they continue to make their mark on the football scene and after the launch event in London earlier this year, we are waiting eagerly to get a closer look at their football boots – and we can already now reveal that they have some niceness in store.

What do you think about the latest New Balance football video? Can they compete with the likes of Nike and adidas when it comes to making awesome films? Share your thoughts with us in the box down below, or on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.