GearCare | Taking care of your football boots, football shirts and goalkeeper gloves


Written by Mathias

Taking proper care of your football equipment is extremely important as it will give you more joy and value for money over a long time. Unisport provides you with some great tips for taking care of and maintaining your football boots, football shirts and goalkeeper gloves.

How to clean your football boots

Football boot cleaning is not the most exciting task why most of us have probably been guilty of not taking good care of our football boots. Depending on the material of the football boot, there are a number of good tools you can use for effective care. Those are, among others, a soft brush; a hard brush; leather conditioner and shoe cleaner.

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Leather football boots

Leather is a natural material, and therefore leather football boots need some extra caring. In general, one should use a soft brush against more delicate materials, such as leather and knitwear.

-Apply lukewarm water to a soft brush for the leather upper and use a hard brush, like a nylon brush, for the outsole.

-If necessary, use a finer brush for the more detailed areas. An old toothbrush can do the trick.

-Take a soft brush and apply an even layer of leather conditioner on the leather upper. Let it sit and work its magic for 12-24 hours. Then take a cloth or towel and remove the excessive leather balm. This process can be repeated once a month.

-Let the boots dry naturally. Do not use heating elements such as radiators, dryers, etc. You can use newspaper to drag out the excessive moisture.

Synthetic football boots

Synthetic football boots can usually be cleaned with a harder brush. But be careful using too much force as you might damage and weaken the material that holding the boot together.

-Take a hard brush and start washing the upper and sole with lukewarm water. Shoe cleaner can be applied if necessary.

-If the boot has some knitted material, like a football boot with sock, you can clean it with lukewarm water and shoe cleaner.

-Let the boot dry naturally.

Knitted football boots

Knitted football boots have some delicate areas which, like leather football boots, should be treated more carefully.

-If you have a football boot in knit you can gently use a hard brush to the areas that have coating. For those places where the knit is more exposed, you can use a softer brush.

-Let the boot dry naturally.

How to wash your football shirt

As football fans, we all know that special feeling of adding a new football shirt to the collection. When washing football shirts it is important to follow the right instructions to extend the lifetime of your favorite shirts.

Watch the video above or follow the instructions below for washing football shirts.

- Washing football shirts at 30 degrees is recommended. Depending on how dirty the football shirt is, it can also be washed at 40 degrees.

- Turn the football shirt, or other football clothes, inside out. That will protect the sponsor/player print and extend the life of the football shirt.

- Wash football shirts and football shorts with similar colors.

- Let the football shirt dry naturally.

- Avoid using fabric softener.

- Be careful ironing the football shirt at high heat. See the laundry label - a single dot iron indicates low heat. If the symbol is crossed over, it should not be ironed.

Correct maintenance, wash and use of your football- and training gear is essential to you getting the most out of your equipment. Especially the goalkeeper gloves and football kits with print are vulnerable to wear and tear, because if they aren’t washed correctly the print falls off. Watch our videos and learn more about how make your equipment last longer.