GearCare | Maintaining and taking care of your gear


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Maintaining your gear is as important, as it can be tedious. It’s not only important because it extends the durability, but also because it prolongs the feeling of having completely crisp gear. You can get some good tips on how to make your life easier and better here.

Washing football shirts and other textiles
- Read the washing instructions
- Wash the clothes inside out
- Don’t mix colours
- Let the clothes dry naturally. Don’t tumble dry.

Correct maintenance, wash and use of your football- and training gear is essential to you getting the most out of your equipment. Especially the goalkeeper gloves and football kits with print are vulnerable to wear and tear, because if they aren’t washed correctly the print falls off. Watch our videos and learn more about how make your equipment last longer.