Control the pitches with Deadly Focus - ACE 16.1 Limited Collection


Written by Jonathan Baez

With the Etch & Fluid Pack, the Porsche Design Sport and Copa SL, adidas have already boosted their Limited Collection concept in 2016. They are far from done though. We present to you: Deadly Focus Pack.

Take a good portion of German productivity and spiff it up with raw Italian design and you get not one, but two pairs of insanely good looking football boots. adidas have partnered up with Italian design company Italia Independent to design a boot with the objective to win. Titled the Deadly Focus Pack, this Limited Collection release fuses football and fashion in perfect harmony.

The collection is initially aimed at collectors. We’ve seen an exciting rise in ‘sneaker culture’ permeating its way into football. The Limited Collection is about celebrating this culture with premium and detailed product offerings aimed at the football connoisseur, Sam Handy, VP Design Director adidas Football

This ACE 16.1 is constructed for the feet that control the pitches. The synthetic CTRL/WEB upper is designed to provide maximum friction between the boot and the ball and is furthermore covered with a thin 3D layer also called Non-Stop Grip. This is to secure a consistent grip in all weather conditions. However, question is whether you will be getting these boot to collect them or to play in them?

Get your own pair of the ACE 16.1 Deadly Focus Pack right here.