adidas X Dark Space | Blackout at its best


Written by Mathias

Chaos comes in many shapes and forms, but none of them takes my breath away like this new adidas X Dark Space incarnation. I mean just look at it…

There are things in life you can always count on: The sun will always rise in the east and set in the west. Arsenal will never ever win the Champions League. AND(!) blackout football will always look nice! With the new Dark Space from the Limited Collection adidas have turned down the light completely and delivered both a X 16+ PureChaos and X 16.1.

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There is only 10 days until European club football really kicks off again and maybe that’s why adidas introduce this Dark Space collection right now. Because you know what they say, the night is darkest before the dawn. We will probably not be seeing any big stars wearing these blackouted boots, but you can be absolutely certain that we will feature them in our boot spots if anyone does decide to wear them.

The new adidas X football boots can be pre-ordered today and will be sent tomorrow. My advice is to hurry up if you want them, because these will not stay for long!

Get your new X 16+ PureChaos and X 16.1 football boots right here.