Choose your speed boot: Does weight matter?


Written by Jonathan Baez

Is the lightest football boot also the best speed boot? Not necessarily. Watch along as JayMike takes you through some of the most popular speed boots on the market right now.

The market for speed boots has went on to become a cold war between the brands to see who are able to deliver the lightest boot in the world. Right now, adidas are leading the battle with their 99 gram boot, which recently was relaunched and sold out in just a few minutes. The questions is, however, whether this constant obsession with cutting of grams is releveant at all? Do you become faster by wearing a lighter football boot?

Based on his knowledge, JayMike gives is take on why wheight has such a big importance for the brands and whether it means anything to players that wear the boots. With the adidas 99 gram and X16 PureChaos, Nike's Mercurial Vapor, PUMA's evoSPEED and Under Armour's Spotlight on his desk, JayMike tries to enlighten you with his knowledge about the most popular speed boots on the market. See the entire video in top of this article.

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