Unisport Review | JayMike explains the Under Armour Spotlight


Written by Mathias

It’s been requested about a million times and now JayMike is ready with his review of the Under Armour Spotlight. Strap yourselves in!

JayMike is a busy man, but he is forever committed to spending the time it takes to bring the most thorough football boot reviews in the world. He doesn’t compromise on any boot and is now ready to take you through any and all details in his Under Armour Spotlight review. JayMike also had the pleasure of testing the Under Armour Spotlight in the recently introduced 20th Anniversary Platinum Edition. Life is good!

In his review he explains the thoughts behind the Under Armour Spotlight football boots quite unique construction and especially the SpeedForm technology, as well as the special heel cap. There is plenty to test and at the end Jakob is very positive about the boots, while still giving his trademark brutal honesty in some areas. Watch the video at the top of the blog post and see how the boot fares.

If you fancy getting a pair of Under Armour Spotlight UA20, then you can order your pair right here.