A unique space journey | ACE 16+ PureControl Stellar Pack


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

From the Mercury Pack to the Speed of Light and all the way to Space Craft. It’s been quite the interstellar adventure for adidas in 2016 and it’s not over yet. We give you: ACE 16+ PureControl Stellar Pack.

That space travel has been adidas’ main theme for their football boots throughout most of 2016 is something that has passed quite a lot of people by, but the infinite universe has provided Die Drei Streifen with a seemingly infinite amount of inspiration.

Ever since the Mercury Pack was presented in May, they have been blazing a trail and reaching new heights with their colourways. And with the newest Stellar Pack, adidas once again show that they rule this sector of the galaxy.

The ACE 16+ PureControl Stellar Pack will naturally be worn by the biggest stars from Özil to Rakitic and Juan Mata (I honestly can’t bring myself to writing Paul Pogba at the moment). This is definitely in the Top 2 of the best colourways in 2016 from adidas. I love it, and that a gold-plated sole like this is no longer reserved for Limited Editions is just the news I’ve been waiting for.

You can pre-order the newest ACE 16+ PureControl football boots right here.