Choosing the correct indoor football shoe | Our grand overview


Written by Mathias

The indoor season is upon us and it’s time to replace studs with the non-marking sole. In this blog post you can get the COMPLETE overview of indoor shoes and find out which is ideal for you.

Whether it be futsal or the more traditional form of indoor football, you are probably already looking into which indoor shoes to pick. Should you pick Nike’s innovative FootballX collection, choose the Spanish kings of indoor football, Joma, or go old school with the adidas Spezial? I can’t choose for you, but I can help you well on the way with this overview of the indoor football shoe selection.

A rule of thumb that I will pass on here is the following: If you play football and already have a prefered football boot, like the Mercurial Vapor or ACE 16 for example, then I recommend you look to them too, when searching for an indoor football shoe. If you on the other hand don’t have any particular dedication to a certain boot or only play futsal and indoor football, then I’d say you should look to the more traditional indoor football shoes from Joma or the adidas Spezial.

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Joma’s indoor football shoes are by many considered the very best available. Since springing into existence in 1965, sports shoes has been a Joma speciality right from the get-go and they therefore have plenty of knowledge and experience to rely on. Joma are worthy bearers of the title “Futsal specialists” and their Top Flex is without doubt one of the best (if not the best) shoe on the market. With a leather upper the Top Flex is extremely comfortable and feels like running on clouds.

I would recommend the Top Flex to anyone, but if you do prefer synthetic then the Super Regate also provides a good alternative. If you’re shopping on a budget, then the Sala Max also does a better job than the vast majority of indoor shoes from other brands. It does however not reach the same heights as the aforementioned two, which speaks more to the qualities of the Top Flex and Super Regate than anything else.

Please be aware that Joma’s indoor football shoes run very large and I would consider going a whopping 1-1.5 sizes down. Bonkers I know…

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FootballX represents Nike’s grand crusade onto the indoor football scene, futsal and even street football. The concept is built up around creating indoor shoes, which are EXACTLY like their football boots (bar the studs obviously), and that has resulted in the MercurialX, MagistaX, HypervenomX and TiempoX. Each silo has a Proximo - which matches the Superfly, Obra, Phantom and Legend, - as well as a Finale shoe - that is the equivalent of the Vapor, Opus and Phinish. If you already play football in Nike boots, then you will already have an idea about the fit, feel and performance of these shoes, because it is identical in these. The thoughts behind Nike FootballX is that you should be able to directly transfer your experience from the pitch to the court. If you don’t know Nike’s four-silo setup, then we can give you a quick run through here:

Mercurial - Explosive speed. A pretty narrow shoe, which highlights the fast paced players. By a mile the most popular shoe.

Magista - Comfort and playmaking. A wide-ish shoe, which gives good comfort and a nice, dampened touch on the ball.

Hypervenom - Agility and sharp turns. A relatively stiff upper, which is made to keep your foot in place, so you can do sharp turns and quick changes of direction. (My favourite)

Tiempo - Classic touch. Here you have a classic indoor football shoe, which is probably the closest you get to Joma’s indoor shoes. (And actually also, as close you get to the super popular LunarGato from Nike’s previous FC247 collection).

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When it comes to adidas indoor shoes, then you simply can’t (and don’t want to) ignore the adidas Spezial. A shoe that has been the universally acknowledged king of indoor courts. The shoe was originally invented as a handball shoe, but the world of football shamelessly stole it, when they found out just how soft and supple the suede upper was. The comfort, the touch and the ball feel. There is a reason you always see this on all indoor courts.

What is interesting though is that adidas have, just like Nike, started going after the futsal segment more and more, and now offer a great selection of indoor shoes based on their ACE 16, MESSI 16 and X 16 collections. Among them, especially the ACE 16.3 Primemesh has become a roaring success. It is not really a top range shoe, but the Primemesh manages to emulate so many of the Primeknit qualities, and therefore makes it absolutely immense value for money. Worth a look for sure!

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At PUMA it is particularly the Invicto Fresh and Invicto Sala that shine through. The Invicto Fresh is the indoor equivalent to the evoSPEED Fresh. The same mesh upper that keep your feet comfortably cool, while still ensuring good contact with the ball, which is especially important in futsal. Invicto Sala is instead made as a combination of suede and soft leather, which is developed very specifically for indoor football. The last is pretty wide and gives good contact with the surface.

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New Balance have recently updated their indoor shoes, which like Nike and adidas are made to match their football boots. New Balance are fairly new to the market, but their Visaro and Furon are both such strong grass pitch alternatives that you don’t really feel that too much. Like I wrote in the into, if you play in their boots already, then the Visaro Control or Furon 2.0 Dispatch are more than decent.

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Mizuno are the gods of leather shoes and the Sala Premium 2 is another good example of why. Actually I will go as far as saying that the Sala Premium is among the very top in the selection of indoor football shoes. An extremely nice fit, which comes thanks to the leather upper around the front foot. The unique U4IC outsole is a super good combination of lightness, shock absorbency and grip. Only improvement I could possibly think of is the lockdown, but that is me really nitpicking here.

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