Kids indoor shoes

Futsal has vastly different requirements to regular football. Therefore, there are of course also shoes designed and developed in order to meet these specifications. Indoor shoes for kids usually incorporate a flat sole that optimizes your contact with the ground, giving you grip. In addition, indoor shoes are equipped with a "Non Marking" sole, to prevent colouring the surface while you play. Indoor shoes are offered by all of the major brands, such as Nike, adidas and PUMA, but also the smaller specialists like Joma. You will certainly find a few indoor shoes on this site that suit your taste.

You can find all the big brands right here, whether you are looking a classic adidas Spezial or going for the modern FootballX from Nike - or perhaps looking for the King of Indoor: Joma. Unisport got it all - large selection of all the indoor football shoes, right here. Now its up to you to pick your pair!