Nike vs adidas vs PUMA - The sock collar battle Tech Talk | Purecontrol, Magista & evoTOUCH


Written by Mathias

JaaaaayMiiiike Tech Talk. That’s right, despite having been on holiday for almost three weeks now, Jakob is still churning out boot knowledge for you. This time it’s another very hotly argued subject, which we give you our opinion on…

Since the first generation of Nike Magista came to market in 2014, the world of football has really taken the idea of football boots with a sock and built on it. With the adidas ACE Silo, PUMA evoTOUCH and second generation of Magista, it is clear to see that we have already come on in leaps and bounds, but which is best as it stands?

Personally I’d point to the PUMA evoTOUCH evoKNIT sock, but then again I’m just a lowly blogger, so if you would rather take the opinion of Jakob, our youtube host with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, then I honestly don’t really blame you. Watch the video above, where he takes you through the pros and cons of each design.

If you have spotted the boot of your dreams in the video above, then we have it in our category of football boots with sock.