Football boots with sock

Football boots with socks. As Nike puts it “a surgeon’s gloves doesn’t stop at the wrist, they continues up the arm to enhance the comfort and level of precision”.The sock on football boots completes the fit, and connects you with the boots.

Dynamic fit collar is what Nike calls the sock.

Dynamic Fit Collar is used on the Mercurial Superfly, Magista Obra and the latest Hypervenom Phantom II. It is the part of the boots that covers your ankles, but continues to cover more. The extension of the boot is one of the most significant changes in recent launches, and contributes to locking in your feet in the boots. Hence the reason why some describes it like wearing a sock. You will become more aware of the interaction between your feet and the ball, allowing you to raise your game.

Primecut silhouette and Techfit Collar is adidas's taking on offering football boots with sock that adds to your comfort and stability.

The Techfit collar can be found on the X15.2, the X15.3 and of course on the premium boots: X15.1 and X15.1+. Primecut is the name for the sock on the latest generation of the Ace16. The Primecut silhouette ensures a perfect individual fit, stability and comfort. The technology provides a clean touch between foot and boot, reinforcing the sock like fit. The Techfit support system provide a dynamic support and stability, when doing quick turns and sharp changes of direction. It locks your feet in the boots, making the boots feel like a natural extension of you. The Techfit system is woven into the upper. The internal support and the Primecut silhouette is made from a single piece, sewn together with the Primeknit upper. Parts of the upper is coated with an ultra thin layer of a 3D synthetic material - to make it act like a tongue and enhance the grip on the ball.

Football boots with a sock, it is something that can be found at all price points - both for adults and kids. There is high demand for sock boots for kids, but not all brand and models is available with sock - yet. With Nike, it is only the Hypervenom Phantom II and the Phatal II that is available in kids sizes. With adidas, it is the ACE 16.1 Primeknit and the ACE 16.3 Primemesh, that is available in kids sizes. If you are looking for indoor shoes with a sock, Nike and adidas got you covered. Nike makes the FootballX brand, with the silos MercurialX MagistX and HypervenomX - all three offeres kids sizes boots with socks. All the models is available with TF stud configuration, making it a great choice for artificial grass surfaces. adidas’ ACE 16.3 is available both as an indoor boot and as a TF model.