adidas ACE 17.1 Red Limit launched | Control levels pushed to the limit!


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

All throughout 2016 adidas have been pushing their limits and it has paid off in a big way. This has truly been a big year of innovation for them and they now continue into 2017. We take a closer look at the ACE 17.1 Red Limit.

The adidas ACE 17.1 Red Limit features a unique hybrid upper, which combines a Primeknit frontfoot with a TechFit compression material around the rest of the boot. The materials are woven, which means you get a soft feel for the ball, as well as a really close and shaped fit. In particular the new addition of TechFit has done big things for the fit, as the almost neoprene material firmly locks in the foot.

The TechFit material is really what sets the 2017 version apart from the 16.1 version of the ACE boots. And actually, it is even an aspect that sets it apart from the recently introduced ACE 17+ PureControl, which adidas could not yet give the same finely woven TechFit material. The material means you undeniably get more stability in the adidas ACE 17.1 compared to the two others, especially when you also consider the newly engineered lacing around the ankle, which gives dynamic support when you perform sharp twists and turns. Make sure to check out the lacing system in the pictures above, because it really works wonders for the performance.

The ACE silo is all about controlling the game and control comes from a good touch on the ball. To elevate your feel for the ball and increase friction, adidas have fitted their NSG (Non-stop Grip) technology. The thin layered material is placed on the Primeknit and improves your grip in wet weather conditions.

All this goodness comes wrapped in the nostalgia-inducing red, black and white colourway, which leads us all back to the good old adidas Predator football boots. The 17.1 version of the ACE silo is very much a boot to be desired.

You can buy your pair of adidas ACE 17.1 Red Limit right here and get ready to control the game.