Joltter & vvbasvv test the ACE 17+ PureControl Chequered Black


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Joltter has been out to test the new ACE 17+ PureControl, but somethings different this time round, because he is joined by a somewhat unfamiliar face.

If you’re still wondering, what we think about the new adidas ACE 17+ PureControl from the Chequered Black collection, then take this video as a final underlining of exactly how hyped we are about it. Joltter has been on the pitch with none other than the YouTuber vvbasvv. The Dutchman has become quite the internet sensation and is especially known for his insane freekicks, which he certainly got to show in this Play Test of the popular laceless football boots. Watch the video at the top of this blog and get your daily dose of skills!

You can buy the new Chequered Black football boots right here.

This new Chequered Black model has been given a slight update of the ankle sock, which in JayMike’s opinion gives greater lockdown than the version before it. You can hear more about what has happened and why in his Tech Talk below.