Nike Premier SGT or Vapor Grip 3?


Written by Katrine Abel

Thibaut Courtois, Jan Oblak and Joe Hart are just some of the great goalkeepers who prefer Nike’s goalkeeper gloves - but why is that? Keep reading and I’ll tell you a little bit about Nike’s gloves and compare the top gloves Vapor Grip 3 and Premier SGT.

There’s no doubt that Nike make great gloves, so you will never go wrong if you decide to buy a pair of Nike gloves. However, the difference between their two best models is so big that you ought to give it some consideration before you choose.

Nike Premier SGT

In Nike Premier SGT you get the traditional Flat Cut which gives the gloves a great grip and a long lifetime. The gloves are equipped with SGT which is the term for Nike’s impressive Sipe Grip Technology. The special pattern in the latex is a part of that technology, and it has been proven to give a better grip, which makes Nike’s German Contact Foam even more sublime.
Furthermore, Nike Premier SGT are equipped with Bio Align which is a feature that ensures that the gloves are slightly curved. This forces your hand into a position which makes them constantly ready to catch the ball.

A very interesting feature that cannot be seen on the pictures is found on the inside of the gloves. There you’ll find the so-called Touch Tactile Nodes that are small rubber knobs that ensure that your hand stays in position securing a constant great fit.
The back of the hand is equipped with a solid layer of latex which gives protection and strength when punching the ball.

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Nike Vapor Grip 3
In Nike Vapor Grip 3 you get a hybrid cut which combines Flat Cut on the two middle fingers with Roll Finger on the remaining fingers. That way, you get the benefits from both cuts which combines great ball control with a big contact area due to the increased amount of latex. Furthermore the little finger is further away from the the other fingers which secures an even larger contact area.
Nike Vapor Grip 3 are equipped with the same latex on the palm and back of the hand as the Premier SGT, but the back of the hand is a little more flexible.

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Which gloves should you choose?
If you prefer gloves that give great support and protection to your hand, you should consider Premier SGT. They are sublime gloves that have surprisingly good endurance. The gloves have a lot of amazing features which make them a little more expensive than Vapor Grip 3.
If you prefer a light and tight glove with a great flexibility and less forced support, you should consider Vapor Grip 4. They are more minimalistic when it comes to features and you get almost the same touch on the ball as if you were playing barehanded - but combined with a sublime grip from the latex.
If you want fingersave, don't choose either of the gloves but consider Nike Spyne Pro.

NB: If you prefer tight gloves like I do, I recommend you consider choosing a size smaller than your regular size in Uhlsport, adidas and Reusch.