Baselayer for goalkeepers


Written by Katrine Abel

Most footballers wear baselayer during the cold months of the season, you may not know that a lot of players actually wear baselayer all year round – especially goalkeepers. Keep reading to figure out why you should wear baselayer, and what kind you should choose.

In many ways, baselayer for goalkeepers is made exactly like baselayer for players on the field. It has the same absorbing effect and helps you stay warm in cold weather, as well as staying cool and dry in warm weather.
The benefits of baselayer for goalkeepers are that they are also designed to specifically protect goalkeepers. They have protective cushions on the more exposed areas such as hips, ribs and shoulders.
There are many different kinds, and the level of protection varies.

G-form for ultimate protection
G-form makes shinguards, tights and shirts for goalkeepers and outfield players. With a set of G-form baselayer for goalkeepers, you get the ultimate protection as the set is equipped with G-form's revolutionary RPT-technology. RPT stands for “Reactive Protection Technology” and means that the cushions are soft and flexible until a punch strikes them. When that happens, the cushions harden and absorb up to 90 % of the energy of the punch. The RPT-zones are placed in a way that allows them to follow the anatomy of the body which gives both full flexibility and full protection.

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Uhlsport TorwartTECH Protection
G-form provides maximum protection to all exposed areas of the body. If you prefer more moderate protection, you should consider Uhlsport TorwartTECH Protection. The shirt is made from a soft fabric, and it is equipped with cushions on the elbows and shoulders. It gives a more moderate and traditional protection. Also the shirt has a mock neck, which helps you stay warm on cold and windy days.

Select Profcare
If you also want a pair of tights that gives you moderate protection to the most exposed areas, Select Profcare Compression Tights are a natural choice. The protecting tights from Select are equipped with cushions on the sides, front and back, which adds protection to the hips and the tailbone when diving on hard surfaces. Combine them with the Uhlsport TorwartTECH Protection shirt and get the perfect set of baselayer for goalkeepers who want moderate protection.