Goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass


Written by Katrine

We get a lot of questions about goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass because a lot of goalkeepers experience that their gloves wear off very fast. Therefore, I will tell you a little about your options if you spend a lot of hours on artificial grass.

Artificial grass is a much harder surface than natural grass, and it tears the gloves when you dive, when you catch and when you use your hand to push yourself back up for instance. Some brands make specific goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass and turf. These gloves have a longer durability but their latex doesn’t provide a grip that is nearly as good as on regular gloves. Other brands make great training gloves that are cheaper and more durable than their top range gloves.

Which gloves should I choose?
As always, your choice of gloves depends on your level, your budget and your preferences.
My recommendation, however, is that you get yourself two pairs of gloves. Depending on your budget you have a few different options:
1. If you can afford it, I recommend you buy two identical pairs of top range gloves. One pair that you use for training, and one for games. When you feel like your match gloves are too worn, you make them your training gloves and buy a new pair for matches. That way you always have a pair of gloves that are great for matches and an excellent pair for training.
2. If the first option is too expensive, I recommend you to buy a pair of top range gloves and a cheaper pair of goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass training sessions. That way you don’t have to worry about wearing off an expensive pair of gloves on the hard surface. However, you have to be able to adjust and switch between different types of gloves and grip on a regular basis which can be tricky.
3. The third option is the cheapest, and it involves you buying two pairs of cheap, durable gloves. Make one pair of training gloves and one pair of your match gloves. You neither have to worry about wearing the gloves off or about switching between different pairs of gloves - however, you won’t get the same secure grip or comfort.

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Nurture your gloves
I keep telling goalkeepers that it is important to keep your gloves clean and sticky. It goes without saying that this is even more important when it comes to goalkeeper gloves for artificial grass. Wash your gloves every time you’ve used them, hang them up and let them dry until your next training or match. Doing this will prolong the life of your gloves remarkably.

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