Top 5: The 5 BEST Goalkeeper Gloves - on a budget


Written by Katrine Abel

Being a goalkeeper can be rather expensive. Most top range gloves are excellent but expensive and not very durable. If you’re looking for cheap goalkeeper gloves that provide both a secure grip and a good durability at a fair price, this Top 5 is made for you.

I’ve gathered five rather different but cheap goalkeeper gloves in this Top 5. No matter which cut or fit you prefer, you’ll be able to find something that suits your preferences and your economy down below.

5. Select 77

The Select 77 goalkeeper gloves are equipped with Select’s Super Soft latex, and they come with both Roll Finger and Flat Cut. If you go with Flat Cut, you get a Slim Fit-edition with a tight fit and a feature that allows full flexibility for your thumb. No matter which of the two Select 77 goalkeeper gloves you choose, you get an excellent glove at a very fair price.

4. PUMA evoPOWER Protect 3.3

The PUMA evoPOWER Protect 3.3 are on my Top 5 of the best cheap goalkeeper gloves. With its latex, its Flat Cut, its nice and spacious fit and its price, it deserves a place well above number 4, but as the gloves have fingersaves that cannot be taken out, the evoPOWER Protect 3.3 are only relevant for goalkeepers who wear protection. However, if you use fingersave and need a pair of good but cheap goalkeeper gloves, these are top of the class.

If you want to know more about the Super Soft latex, you can read our big guide on latex for goalkeeper gloves.

3. Reusch Serathor Prime M1

The Reusch Serathor Prime M1 take the third place on the list. You can choose between a Roll Finger Cut with a tight fit or a Flat Cut with a more spacious fit. The gloves are equipped with Reusch’ S1 Super Soft latex which has an excellent grip and is very durable. The gloves are comfortable and come at a very reasonable price compared to Reusch’ top range models.

2. Uhlsport Comfort

The Uhlsport Eliminator Comfort HN or RF give you the opportunity to choose between the Negative Cut for control and touch or the Roll Finger for control and protection. They are equipped with Uhlsport’s Super Soft latex which is one of the best latexes from the Super Soft-category, and the stickiness and grip lasts for a really long time. A solid runner up.

1. adidas ACE League

The winner of my Top 5 of goalkeeper gloves on a budget, is the ACE League from adidas. Contrary to the ACE Trans Pro, the ACE League goalkeeper gloves provide a nice support to your backhand which also gives you both protection and power when punching the ball.
The gloves are equipped with Negative Cut and a snug fit, and the palm is made from adidas’ EVO Zone Tech II latex that has an excellent grip and a very long durability.

So there you have it. Whether these are actually cheap goalkeeper gloves naturally depends on your glove budget, but one thing is for sure: If you’re looking for a pair of goalkeeper gloves that are less expensive than the top range goalkeeper gloves, choose one of the pairs from this Top 5, and you’ll get an excellent pair of gloves.

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