Collars on boots | Do they make a difference?


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Collars, socks, call them what you want - but they are a big thing. Nike, adidas and PUMA all have them on many of their football boots - actually collars are all over the place these days. But do they work? Do they make a difference? And how do they feel?

Do you remember when football boots with collars didn't exist? Since the first widely released knitted boot with a sock on it, the Nike Magista Obra, was released and kickstarted the hype about collars on football boots, the number of football boots with collars have exploded.

But do collars actually make a difference? In 10 minutes, JayMike and Joltter discuss this topic in this version of Unisport Uncut - number 42. Watch the video above to find the answer.

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