Meet the new Limited Collection adidas X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

The 2017 Confederations Cup is drawing closer, and adidas has just geared up for the tournament with the release of a Limited Collection version of the popular X model. We present: the adidas X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup, inspired by the design of the official ball from this summer's big tournament.

Alright, straight off the bat some of you might be wondering why the boot is called 'X 16+ PureSpeed', when adidas already released the X 17 PureSpeed just a few weeks ago. No, it's actually not us getting our numbers muddled up, which makes the name every bit as confusing as it sounds, but stay with us. The adidas X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup is similar to X 17+ model, but as a part of the Limited Collection, the material execution is slightly different, and therefore, the sticker on each box will highlight 'X 16+' instead.

This means that, like with both X 16+ PureChaos and X 17+ PureSpeed, the X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup will give you the aggressive Sprintframe sole with the equally powerful traction studs, the NSG technology for grip in the rain and the Midcut construction around the heel for more lockdown.

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The first thing you see on the X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup is the eye-catching red colour. It looks absolute fire, and it will without doubt make defenders worried. When looking closer, the boot itself is white and has a Confederations Cup-inspired graphic around the metallic red soleplate. The visual art on the sides and at the toe box of the adidas X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup boots is more or less directly taken from the official Confederations Cup 2017 ball, the Krasava. Moreover, the white big 'X' on the boot is similar to the one on the X 17.

Personally, I really like the design of the boots. White meets red is usually a winner, and the adidas X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup is no exception. This unique Confed Cup ball-inspired design definitely captures your attention, and the cleats will for sure look stunning on the pitch during the Confederations Cup in Russia.

Are you ready to take on the defenders in the new adidas X 16+ PureSpeed ConfedCup? Then get your pair right here.