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The Magnetic Storm rages | Meet the new ACE Trans Pro


Written by Katrine Abel

About a month ago, we teased you all with a blackout version of the brand new ACE Trans Pro, and it seemed that you actually liked the black version more than the Dust Storm. Fortunately, adidas consider your wish their command, and they now present the new ACE Trans Pro Magnetic Storm .

adidas love their goalkeepers and continuously provide them with new gloves and splendid colourways. In June they launched no less than 3 new adidas goalkeeper gloves, and today they're ready with yet another amazing launch. The new ACE Trans Pro Magnetic Storm have all the same amazing features as the ACE Trans Pro Dust Storm. This means you get a tight fitting goalkeeper glove with Negative Cut, a powerful punching zone, and a comfortable one piece backhand - just to mention a few.

You may have noticed that the latex on the ACE Trans Pro Magnetic Storm looks different than the latex on the ACE Trans Pro Dust Storm. This however, does not mean that adidas' Evo Zone Technology is not incorporated. The latex still consists of two different types of latex which in combination provide the ultimate grip.

In short, adidas present the same excellent gloves in a new and even more amazing colourway. If only adidas would make matching boots and provide their goalkeepers with the ultimate combo...

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