PUMA ONE vs. Nike Tiempo Legend 7 vs. Mizuno Rebula


Written by Mathias Boughey-Svendsen

Launched with very few weeks between them and all providing players with soft leather uppers that have a distinct 2017 feel. Making the comparison between PUMA One, Mizuno Rebula and Nike Tiempo Legend 7 is obvious, but how do they actually stack up? Find out here.

When comparing the PUMA One, Mizuno Rebula and the Nike Tiempo Legend 7 it is important to first acknowledge that the concepts are still different and the three boots are not made for entirely the same thing. The Tiempo is created for the elegant and dominating player that relies on a smooth touch and comfort. On the other hand, the PUMA ONE is a completely unique offering, because it is made with FIT, FAST and FEEL in mind. Yep, the One specialises in EVERYTHING. Lastly, the Rebula is more aggressive than the other two and provides more agility and flexibility, but still a sense of control.

However, while the concepts are different, there is no getting around that there can definitely be drawn parallels between the three technical constructions. We will try to pit them against each other and take you through the differences and similarities technology by technology. Watch our WebTV episode above, where we compare them.

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