How to run faster


Written by Frederik Tobias Thorgny Hansen

Want to run faster? A few changes to your running technique could make a big difference! We’ve gathered four tips that are easy to implement and could potentially result in major speed improvements. So go on and read the four tips or watch our video above on how to become faster.

1. Don’t move your arms sideways

A lot of us has a tendency towards moving our arms sideways while we are sprinting. Don’t do that. When you go sideways, you’re going to rotate and put your force outside instead of going straight forward. You want to have as much force as possible going forward.

2. Stay relaxed in your neck and head area

Relax! You must relax your neck and head area, while you push your body a little bit forward. You don’t want to be too straight in your upper body while running. That will result in having too high knees and that is just as bad. At the same time you shouldn’t be leaning too much forward, since that will result in your hip being behind you, which is not ideal!

3. Remember to take long steps

Some of us use short steps in the beginning of a sprint. But you aren’t a sewing machine, you don’t want to stay in the same place. You always want to take long steps. You must increase the length of steps with each of your steps.

4. Learn by watching sprinters

This is probably the best tip we can give you on how to run faster! Watch the track and field guys running on TV. Watch how the best at it are running, especially in slow motion. Watch how relaxed they are even at their top speed.

Watch the video above to have each tip explained by a sprint coach. You’ll also get to see how JayMike does on a sprint against a 17-year-old sprinter.

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