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Huge online selection of running shoes from popular brands at Unisport

Here at Unisport you can always expect to find a wide selection of running shoes from a variety of the leading brands. You can find the latest running shoes from brands such as Nike and adidas, but we also offer a nice selection of both Under Armour and New Balance running shoes. All of the products you find here at are of the highest quality and as with any other product you find here at, we offer everything we have at low, competitive prices and we never compromise on our commitment to providing the best service to our customers. It’s always safe and easy to shop with us and we guarantee fast shipping worldwide. This is what we call #unisportlife and if you haven’t joined in yet, we’re sure you will soon.

Find your new running shoes and trainers online at Unisport

We are confident that we can guide you in your search for a new pair of running shoes and we are even more certain that you can find your new running shoes here at Choosing the right running shoes is all about comfort and support - combine these two in a running shoe and you’ve got the recipe just right. Running shoes are designed specifically for running and that is therefore all they should be used for. With the combination of support and shock absorption they are built to enhance your running experience and to give you better utilisation of your energy. However, the right running shoe for you depends on not only your preference, but your running style and the shape of your feet.

Unisport offers running shoes for kids and adults at all price points online

If you’re looking to buy running shoes online, you’ve come to the right place, since we cater to every need here at We have running shoes in sizes for both kids and adults in a variety of different models and colourways. If you’re just getting started and you are looking for a pair of cheap running shoes, you can be sure to find them here on our site, as we have something for everyone regardless of budget. If you’re looking for a real bargain, you can check out our current running shoes on sale, where you can be sure to get a great pair of running shoes at a cheap price!

Great selections of running shoes online - Different brands and models

If you prefer a specific brand of running shoes, there’s a pretty good chance that you will find it here at as we have a wide variety to choose from. If you are set on a pair of Nike running shoes, you’ll be able to choose from many different models, colourways and sizes here at Unisport. The same can be said of our selection of adidas running shoes, which offers just as many options to choose from! Another big brand of the running industry is New Balance and therefore it is no surprise that we also offer New Balance running shoes in our online assortment. Our selection of running shoes grows bigger every day and we’re proud of continuously adding more options for you to choose from.

Get the most out of your football talent with the right running shoes

Here at Unisport we are first and foremost football specialists, but we are well aware that in order to be the best football player you can be, you need to maximise your training off the pitch and that involves running - a lot of running! Therefore, we have carefully selected a wide selection of running shoes that are ideal for both avid runners and star footballers in the making. Football players are among the most fit athletes on the face of the planet and that can mainly be attributed to their vigorous training regimes. When they are not running on the pitch, they are lacing up their running shoes for a cardio training sessions. Talent is not enough - you have to put in the work to accomplish your goals!

Get the right fit - How your running shoes should fit

Running shoes are not football boots and they shouldn’t fike like them for that reason. The most important thing to get right when it comes to fit is the heel, as you need lockdown and stability from the heel-counter, which prevents your feet from slipping. If you feel that your feet are slipping in a specific shoe, they aren’t for you, as slipping can lead to blisters and discomfort, which is the last thing you want! Secondly, you need to take the shape of your feet into account; do you need extra arch support, extra heel support? Do you require a wide running shoe, or a running shoe with a more narrow last. We are here to help and if you need any assistance we are ready to provide it!

Taking care of your running shoes - Improve the longevity of your purchase

No running shoes will last you a lifetime - not even if you only run every now and again. The general rule of thumb is that a pair of running shoes will last you roughly 1000 kilometers of running, but this can vary with as much as 200 kilometers based on how you use and treat your shoes. The most common mistake that hurts longevity of running shoes is how you put them on and take them off. Many runners do not untie their running shoes before they put them on or take them off, but instead pull them off and force their feet into the shoes. This does not only put extra stress on the lacing, but it also pressures the internal heel counter to dislodge over time, which in turn will cause a loss of stability and lockdown in the running shoe.

The best running shoes are clean running shoes

Running shoes are designed to be kept clean - it’s as simple as that. The woven upper of most running shoes is designed for maximum breathability and for that to work it’s charm on your feet, you have to keep them free of dirt. However, as with many other shoes, you would think of waterproofing your running shoes with a dedicated spray, but that is bad for breathability, so you have to do it the hard way. To clean your running shoes properly, you should wash them with lukewarm soap water or with cleaning kits that you can also buy online here at Unisport. You should never throw your running shoes in the washing machine and you should never dry them on a radiator. When you’ve cleaned them, simply remove the insole, stuff them with scraps of old newspapers and let that suck out the majority of moisture, empty the running shoes and leave them in a dry place until they are ready for use again.