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      Umbro Geo Flare Pro FG Black/Pink

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      Umbro Geo Flare Pro FG Black/Pink

      Umbro GeoFLARE is a microfibre boot from Umbro, which goes head to head with all the other brands. It does so quite well in fact. Both design and quality are ready to convince you that the GeoFLARE is the next boot in your collection.

      The boot is made of microfibre and has a rubber band on the front foot, to make sure you get the best possible control, both in dry weather and especially in wet conditions. On the medial side of the boot it has a pass-pad, which means you can hit your teammates with increased precision.

      The boots comfort is top drawer and when you stick your feet in the boot you can feel yourself becoming at one with the boot. The stud-configuration is fairly standard, with studs ensuring acceleration, quick turns and last, but most certainly not least a stable grip.

      This is a FG boot, made for firm surfaces, like dry grass.

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