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From simple to complicated and everything in between, choosing the right sports bag is an essential part of preparing for the game. Whether it is simply for the equipment or to transport your personal gear, there is a variety of bags available to facilitate this. Choosing one that fits your needs and price range can be a breeze, once you decide what you want or need.

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If you pack light for the game and don't need a lot of storage, gym bags are a good way to go. They are all pretty simple in design and use a drawstring to both close it up and to act as straps for carrying it like a simplified backpack. Typically they are nylon or mesh, and resemble a miniature ball bag.

Full on backpacks that have sport-themed compartments are good if you have more than a few items to bring to training or match. They can come in soft and rigid frames that really help keep your gear organised. Aside from the traditional carrying style, there are also messenger type backpacks that sling over a single shoulder and rest at the side and hip.

Duffel sports bags are a pretty common and popular type of bag. They tend to offer less specialised organisation and a lot more bulk storage. Depending on the style, they also come in small to rather large to accommodate gear of all sizes. It is more common to find a duffel style sports bag being used to carry bulky gear than lighter items. Note, storing and transporting balls used for sports tend to work best in specialised mesh bags.

Traits that make a good sports bag.

Aside from finding the right bag that fits your needs, you should also look for one that is made from the best material as well. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, are pretty common among sports bag. The main reason is that you want a durable material that is also somewhat resistant to weather conditions. The pitch can be rough on cotton and sometimes even leather. If your bag is never going anywhere but the locker room and home than the material is less important. But, for ball bags and big equipment duffel bags, you want to be sure it can stand up to the elements and a lot of usage. No matter what material your sports bag is made from, always make sure it is made for for sporting usage and comes from reliable company.