Picking the perfect sports bag

We know about the importance of picking the correct sports bag, gym bag, duffle bag or football bag. Sports bags come in a variety of different models and sizes and for various use cases. We all have different needs, and we all want what is best for us.
To comply your specific needs and wishes, we at Unisport, has assembled an amazing selection of more than 100 different sports and gym bags, both for men and women, in different shapes and colours, and from some of the biggest sports bag brands in the world like Nike, adidas, and of course our own Unisport brand.

Sports bags for your specific needs

Before you pick your favorite sports bag, let’s have a closer look at the different models, and why you should pick one over another. Basically it all comes down to your needs.

Duffle bags

Duffle bags are a pretty common and popular type of bag. The bag is a large cylindrical bag made of cloth or in other thick fabric. A duffle bag tends to offer less specialised organisation and a lot more bulk storage. Depending on the style, they also come in small to rather large to accommodate gear of all sizes. It is more common to find a duffle style bag being used to carry bulky gear than lighter items. Note, storing and transporting balls used for sports tend to work best in specialised mesh bags.

Gym bags

Gym bags or gym sacks are the perfect bag if you pack light for the game and don’t need a lot of storage. Small gym bags are all pretty simple in design and use a drawstring to both close it and to act as straps for carrying it like a simplified backpack. Typically they are nylon or mesh, and resemble a miniature ball bag. In our selection, you can of course find gym bags from some of the biggest brands like Nike and adidas, but since Unisport is a football specialist, we have of course gone that extra mile to fulfill your needs for supporting your favorite team. That is also why, you can find gym bags from some of the biggest and most popular football clubs in the world like a Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, PSG and many other clubs.


Full on backpacks that have sport-themed compartments are good if you have more than a few items to bring to training, match or to school. They can come in soft and rigid frames that really help keep your gear organised. Aside from the traditional carrying style, there are also messenger type backpacks that sling over a single shoulder and rest at the side and hip. A backpack is the perfect choice for those of you who needs to carry both light and heavy loads for a long period, and are often preferred to handbags, due to the limited capacity to carry heavy weights in the hands. One of the best thing about a backpack is the shoulder strap components. The shoulder straps components makes it possible to adjust how close to your back you want your backpack, and that way customize your comfort and style. Though, important to say is, if you carry heavy loads, we recommend you to wear your backpack as close to your back, as this reduces the chance of shoulder injuries.


A Waistpacks, a bum bag, a belly bag, a banana back or a ket bag - Dear child has many names. But no matter you you call it, we still, at Unisport, fancy the extreme useful mini bag. Basically, a waistpack is a small fabric pouch secured with a zipper and worn by the use of a strap. Traditionally they were worn around the hips or waist, but today more and more people, especially the youngsters, are also wearing the waistpack from their shoulds to their waist, kind of how Sylvester Stallone worn his patron belt in Rambo. A waistpack is the perfect bag for keeping your wallet, keys and other smaller items secure.

What makes a good sports bag?

Aside from finding the right bag that fits your needs, you should also look for one that is made from the best material as well. Synthetic fibers, such as polyester, are pretty common among sports bag. The main reason is that you want a durable material that is also somewhat resistant to weather conditions. The pitch can be rough on cotton and sometimes even leather. If your bag is never going anywhere but the locker room and home than the material is less important. But, for ball bags and big equipment duffel bags, you want to be sure it can stand up to the elements and a lot of usage. No matter what material your sports bag is made from, always make sure it is made for for sporting usage and comes from reliable company.

Buy your sports bag online at Unisport

Buying your sports bag online have never been easier. Unisport make a virtue of helping you and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. Therefore, we constantly update our selection of products, to accommodate your exact needs. Not only do we present a huge selection of products, we also aim to make your experience, and customer journey as seamless as possible, making it simple and descriptive. Even though we aim to make the perfect website, with relevant information, it every now and then happens, that we missed something or simply haven’t explained something well enough. If you experience any misunderstandings or you simply has any questions, feel free to contact our customer service - you can find the relevant contact information at the footer of our website. Now, all you have to do, is pick your favorite sports bag and make your order online at Unisport.