adidas Footballs

adidas has been a long standing company in the world of sporting goods. From apparel and other gear, they have made a name for themselves for quality and style, as well as ground breaking advances at times. In 1970 adidas premiered the Telstar football that would become synonymous around the world with the game of football. It has the hallmark black and white pattern that was intended to help improve the viability of the ball for home viewers of the 1970 FIFA World Cup. Its success and quality during play helped ensure that adidas would be allowed to provide the match ball for every FIFA World Cup match in they years since then.

Today adidas footballs continue to have a presence in the game, in both minor and major league matches. As providers to one of the biggest yearly sporting events, they have a line of footballs available to anyone that mimic the designs used in the games. Though, not all are ideal for matches at home, they are still suitable for everyday play and use. In every model of adidas football there is a constant level of quality that has come to be expected from a company with such a firm footing in the world of football history.

Prices for adidas footballs range from easily affordable to ranges best left for collectors and professionals. Their basic footballs are not as flashy or commemorative as their World Cup renditions, but they are still quite fetching and dependable. Available in a range of sizes from one to five, adidas footballs are able to meet any need when it comes to the game of football. Is should be noted that not all of their models are FIFA regulation, and each football's specifications should be cleared with your league if used for a match.