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The adidas Condivo collection

Talking training pants, training shirts and in general training wear, it is hard not to mention adidas, and especially the adidas Condivo collection, which is just in another league. The adidas Condivo has for a long time been very popular among athletes, and is especially popular among football players. But the adidas Condivo collection is not only for athletes. Through nice branding, adidas has changed people’s perception of who should wear training cloth and why. Today, people also wear training clothing as a fashion statement or just when they want to relax, on the couch at home. This change of perception is not only due to the awesome design, but also because of the nice material and the perfect fit that the Condivo collection offer. The adidas Condivo training pants are made of 100% polyester and with adidas climacool technology which keeps you dry and comfortable. The choice of material is a great choice, because, not only does it feel incredibly light and make your skin breath, it also spreads the moisture over a larger areas which makes the moisture evaporate quicker, making it the perfect choice of material for all situations.

Huge selection of adidas Condivo training pants

adidas Condivo has been on the market for a long time. adidas began their Condivo journey with the Condivo 12, which became crazy popular among youngsters, both for sport activities and in the world of fashion. The adidas Condivo 12 was quickly followed by the Condivo 14, Condivo 16, and the Condivo 18 which in general also became a huge hit among youngsters. As the interest in the Condivo collection increased, so did the demand for new variations and colourways. Since then, adidas has produced a huge variation of colourways, among other black, grey and blue, which all can be found at Unisport. Not only does the collection consists of adidas training pants, but also shorts, training shirts and jacketa can be found in the collection.

adidas Condivo training shorts

See our selection of adidas Condivo training shorts. The Condivo shorts, are like the training pants, made of 100% polyester, and is also fitted with the adidas climacool technology, leaving you dry and comfortable. At Unisport, you can get both blue and black Condivo shorts.

adidas Condivo training shirt

Unisport offers a wide selection of adidas Condivo training shirts. The training shirts, are like most other Condivo products made of 100% polyester, and is fitted with the adidas climalite technology. Some of the shirts comes with a zipper, and with tumbholes for keeping your hands warm. Furthermore, Unisport offers the training shirts in black, blue and grey colourways.

adidas Condivo jacket

Find a wide selection of adidas Condivo jackets at Unisport. The jackets are made from a waterproof material, that keeps you protected against rain, and also offers protection against wind. Furthermore, you can get the jackets with or without a hoodie, and in the colourways black and blue.

Get your adidas Condivo product at Unisport

Get your adidas Condivo training pants, shorts, jacket or training shirt online at Unisport. Unisport offers some of the most popular colourways and models, and of course for both kids and adults. The collection is one of the most mainstream training collections ever made. And even better, the condivo model is for both men and women. All you have to do, is pick your favorite item from the adidas Condivo collection, place your order and prepare to take the world by storm. Are you still not sure, the Condivo collection if the right one for you? Then visit our full selection of training wear, which consists of training wear from some of the worlds biggest brands.