Nutramino Protein XL Shake Strawberry 500 ML

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Nutramino Protein XL Shake Strawberry 500 ML

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Nutramino Protein XL shake is with it's protein content perfect for you, if you want to grow in size and strength. The shake contains 50 g of protein, which helps your muscles build and recover.

The shake is also ideal for you, if you partake in long distance running, triathlons, football and other sports. Protein helps build your muscles and the quickly absorbed carbohydrates serve to rebuild your energy depots.

Drink it within 30 minutes of your workout for the greatest effect.

You can also supplement your diet with the Nutramino Protein XL shake, when you are in need of an extra energy giving and protein rich meal. The shake contains hardly any fat, no artificial sweeteners, just the natural sugars.

Use: Directly after and maximum 30 minutes after your training.

Ingredients: Skimmed milk 80%, Milk protein 8,3 %, sucrose, water, no-fat coco powder 0,5 %, aroma, stabiliser: carrageenan

Nutritional value per bottle (500 ml) Energy: 420 kcal/1785 kJ Protein: 50 g Carbohydrates: 50 g - of them sugar makes up: 50 g Fat: 2 g - of them saturated fats make up: 0,5 g Fibre: 0,75 g Sodium: 0,35 g