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      Select Football Brillant Super - White/Orange

      Brillant Super is a living legend in the football word and by many regarded as the world best football. Thanks to a completely new construction, the use of the very best materials and the finest craftsmanship, they have managed to make the Brillant Super lighter and give it an improved bounce.

      The upper on the Brillant Super is made with specially developed ‘Teijin Microfibre synthetic leather. This upper has the same 3-layer padding and classic Zero-Wing latex bladder to an improved and livelier movement. Furthermore the synthetic leather means you get a soft and natural touch on the ball.

      Selects patented Zero-Wing bladder is made from natural latex and gives a constant balance. Furthermore the balance point has been moved to the opposite end of the valve, so the ball has a more correct and lively bounce.

      The materials quality also makes sure the ball stays round – even after thousands of strikes.

      A new upper with microtexture increases friction between the boot and ball, which gives increases ball control. Furthermore the golf ball texture helps minimize air resistance, so the ball gets a more stable and controlled swerve. The ball is made with a classic 32-panel handmade constructions, which ensures optimized flight stability. The new fresh design also means the ball is easier to spot in the air.

      Last, but certainly not least, the ball has a Double Lock valve, which is made from a durable rubber, where air has to go through two locks to get out. The Select Brillant Super therefore holds air much better then FIFA demands it.

      The ball has been extensively tested on its weight, water intake, circumference and rebound. This ensures the ball meets the requirements from the modern game, and that it surpasses the FIFA requirements.

      This football can be used on natural grass, artificial grass and gravel.