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There are not many football clubs in Italy like SSC Napoli – and who doesn't remember the good old days when a certain legendary player was wearing the Napoli shirt and created magic on the pitch? The player we are speaking of is naturally Diego Maradona, who is just one of many fantastic players from the sky blue club. Napoli football shirts are always popular with the die hard football supporters and you will of course find a large selection here on

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In recent years, Napoli have participated in, and done well in several European tournaments. The club has bough multiple great players who have taken the team to the next level. If you are looking to show passion for the club that is so rich on traditions, then you can buy the Napoli soccer jersey and other training gear that you will see here on the site.

Decide if you wanna go for a Napoli shirt with or without print, as well as which size is just the right one for you. Put it in your basket and make your way through the checkout, then we will make sure to deliver your new jersey as fast as we can.