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Getafe is one of the minor club in the Spanish La Liga, which does not get the biggest attention from fans. This should not affect the popularity of Getafe and therefore we give you the opportunity to buy the latest Getafe shirt. In Spain many of the minor clubs play very exciting and entertained football, a category well fitted for Getafe. Show your support for the team by wearing a Getafe match shirt, you can find it here in our Getafe shop online!

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The minor Spanish club, which firstly was founded back in 1924, did only play in minor league from 1928 until 1932. After the Spanish civil-war, 5 local Getafe citizen sad down on the local "La Marquesina" bar. Here they decided that the city needed a football team, and on the 24th of february 1946 the football club Club Getafe Deportivo was founded.

Do not miss the opportunity to own an authentic Getafe football shirt, just find out what size you are and if you want print or not. You can get your favourite player or even your own name and number on it. When you have decided all these things, the next step is then to order. We have a quick delivery, which means that will receive your Getafe shirt within a weak.