Slovakia is one of the younger and newest national teams in the world. They are this because the Czechoslovakia national football team got dissolved in 1993. Despite being such a new team the Slovakia national shirt has been participating in the World Cup and European championship. The first time playing in a WC was in 2010 in South Africa and the first time they are going to play in the Euro is in the 2016 in France.

The Slovakian team has got some pretty good players and a good synergy of young players and already established veterans. In the squad you will find players such as Skrtel, Hamsik, Weiss and many more players from top clubs in Europe. So you could call them for a underdog team when participating in the Euro 16 in France. Who might now, they might reach long and knock some of the favourites out of the tournament.

Some of the reason to the current or more growing achievements might be that the Slovakians are hard working players who put heart and sole in wearing the Slovakia national shirt. The fighting spirit is something which has been spotted by the top clubs around the world and they wanted these players to join their club. So are you a Slovakian supporter, who wish to support the national team. Then do it by buying their shirt and wear it with proud.