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No matter in which division you play, it's a great advantage to have the right equipment. When choosing the right football boots, it's a lot about who you are and the shape of your feet. It also depends on how you want the boot to fit and feel. Some like it when the boots sits comfortable and supportive on foot, this is especially important if one is to train with football boots. Other players prefer to go a little bit of compromise with the comfort of getting a lighter football boot. A lighter boot can give you a sense of freedom and a greater sense of the ball, many prefer to play games with a lighter boot. Everyone has their own needs and it is therefore important to choose the right football boots.

In this category you'll find our wide selection of footballs boots! We have football boots from just about every brand out there, which includes household names such as Nike, adidas and PUMA, but also lesser known brands such as Umbro, Mizuno and New Balance. No matter your preference, we're sure we have something in our selection of football boots that will fit you perfectly. We dare say so with such conviction, simply because we respect your preferences and pride ourselves in catering to every need imaginable.

Choose the right football boots

Now, to make your decision making process easier, we'll guide you through the most important factors to keep in mind when looking for a new pair of football boots right here.

What’s the difference between different stud configurations

First off, you should consider which surface your football boots are to be used on, as the wrong choice of soleplate on your new boots can have not only negative effects on their performance, but it will also affect your right to return them should they break within the warranty period.

FG Football boots for firm grass surfaces

For regular grass pitches we recommend an FG soleplate, which is the most common soleplate for football boots. FG is short for firm ground soleplates, which is the category in which regular grass pitches belong. The studs on FG soleplates are designed to penetrate the grass and provide you with the best grip possible whilst also distributing the pressure evenly on the numerous studs to enhance shock absorption.

SG Football boots for soft grass surfaces

If you mostly play on wet or soft grass pitches we recommend that you use football boots with an SG soleplate. SG is short for soft ground and is therefore best suited for wet, grass pitches. The stud configuration features fewer, but longer studs designed to grip into the wet surface and give you better traction without picking up too many lumps of grass and dirt. However, SG soleplates are only to be used on wet pitches, as the long studs, often made of metal, offer little shock absorption if they are used on firm pitches and this can be severely harmful to your feet and joints in the legs.

AG Football boots for artificial grass surfaces

If you don't find yourself playing on natural grass pitches, whether they be firm or soft, you're likely to be playing your football trade on artificial pitches. If that is indeed the case, you should be looking for football boots with an AG soleplate. AG is short for artificial grass and is therefore the best choice for you, if you play your football on artificial grass. The AG soleplates are characterised by having numerous shorter studs to enhance shock absorption and provide a better grip in the artificial surface.

IC Football boots for indoor courts and surfaces

Futsal is becoming increasingly more popular and if you want to dominate the indoor courts, you need a pair of futsal shoes equipped with an IC sole. IC is an abbreviation for indoor courts and the soles are designed to give you the best grip possible without inflicting any marks on the surface.

TF Football boots for turf surfaces

The last soleplate to consider is the TF, which is designed for use on turf and surfaces reminiscent of turf. Usually, these TF football boots will no feature any actual studs, but will rather feature a rugged sole that compliments the surface.

What material should I choose

Now you should be able to recognise and distinguish the different types of soleplates for football boots, but now we turn our focus to uppers. Football boots are available with a variety of uppers, whereas the most common are leather, microfiber and knit. Here, we'll explain the differences along with the benefits of each upper.

Football boots with a leather upper

In the history of football boots the most common upper used is leather, whether it be calf or kangaroo leather. It's easy to see the benefits of football boots with a leather upper, as the natural material molds to the contours of your feet and provides you with a personal and extremely comfortable fit. Leather has stretching properties and therefore it is important to remember that the boots will expand slightly after some use. Keep this in mind when selecting your size, as you should aim for a tight, snug fit when buying leather football boots, rather than a spacious fit, as they will expand. When it comes to performance, leather provides a supple and elegant touch on the ball and should these be among the criteria on your list, you can be sure these are met if you settle for a pair of leather football boots.

Football boots with a microfiber/synthetic upper

Microfiber uppers on football boots has evolved immensely along the years and many of the microfiber football boots available emulates leather on many aspects. Don't get the two confused though as they are very different on a number of aspects as well. First and foremost, microfiber football boots do not expand the same way that leather football boots do and this is important to remember when settling on a size. The general fit remains the same throughout the lifespan of the boots and you should therefore aim for a snug fit, but you can however expect the microfiber upper to mould to your foot, thereby giving you a completely personal fit.
As for the touch on football boots with microfiber uppers, the general notion is that it is more precise than e.g. leather football boots. Furthermore, microfiber uppers are prone to be lighter than leather uppers and if you're in to light and precise football boots, you should definitely consider opting for a microfiber upper on your football boots.

Football boots with a knitted upper

One of the newest innovations on the market of football boots is the introduction of knitted uppers. Before you start imagining a football boot comprised of knitted yarn, let's set the record straight. The uppers consist of knitted microfiber and not yarn! But what knitted uppers bring to the table is quite unique; so here's what you can expect. Because of the knitted upper you can expect an amazing freedom of movement for your feet as the upper follows even the slightest movement. So, if you're looking for a pair of football boots that feel more like slipping into a sock than a boot, you should seriously consider lacing up a pair of boots with a knitted upper.

Choosing the right size for your football boots

If you've read this far, you're hopefully willing to read on just a bit more. Throughout the above sizing has been mentioned sporadically and choosing the right size is obviously the most important aspect to get right when buying a new pair of football boots online. Now, we can't guarantee that you will end up getting the right size, but we can certainly improve the chances that you do. Firstly, you need to be aware that almost every football boot out there is produced in to varieties; one for kids, and one for adults with corresponding size spans. Kids' football boots are duly noted on our site as the word Kids will feature in the name of the given model. The remainder of the football boots on our site are in adults' sizes unless something else it noted.

The ultimate size guide for football boots

Now, when we said that we wanted to improve your odds on getting the size right on your football boots, we weren't kidding. We have measured every football boot in our selection and compiled all of the results in our size guide. Whenever you find yourself on a product page looking at a specific football boot, the size guide will be available to you just below the tab you use to select your size. If you're still looking for guidance, feel free to contact our customer service by phone, email or live chat!

Get your own custom football boots

Do you want to spice up the look of your football boots a bit? As something unique, we at Unisport offer you the opportunity of personalizing your football boots. When you make an order, you can get your name on the boots, maximum 12 characters, and if you want to go all out, you can even get a flag printed on the boot as well. Chose among 71 different flags, and make no one doubt what country you are supporting.

How to clean your football boots and prolong the lifespan of your gear

Football boots are under constant pressure. Not only do the boots needs to carry your weight, when running at a high speed, from site to site, in different angles, which require extreme flexibility, they also needs to endure kicking the ball and tackles. All these facets results in the boots being exposed to extreme pressure. Even though we cannot guarantee, that your boots will last for a lifetime, we can still give you some advice on how to clean and prolong the lifespan of your football boots.
Correct maintenance is essential for you getting the most out of your football boots. Keep your boots nice and clean after each practice or match, by following the steps below.

Firstly, you need the following tools at your hand; A bucket of water, a soft towel and a soft brush, we recommend a natural bristle brush or a polypropylene brush. If you are playing in leather boots, you will also need leather balsam.
Secondly, dip the brush in a bit of water and start to scrub. Make sure to remove all the dirt, and especially where the upper meets the sole.
Thirdly, take your towel, and wipe of the water.
Fourthly, let the boots dry naturally. Note, do not place your boots near a radiator or a heating cabinet. This will damage the boots, and especially leather boots, as the leather can dry out. A good trick is to put old newspaper into the boots, as this will absorb the remaining water.
Fifthly, if you are playing in leather boots, a good trick is to add leather balsam. Put on leather balsam, equally to a large thumbnail on the brush, and scrub it on your boots. Leave the balsam on the boots for 12-24 hours. We recommend to add leather balsam 1 - 2 times a month.

Huge selection of football boots from the biggest brands

At unisport we have offer a huge selection of football boots from different brands, but what are the top models of each brand. If you want to know, do not stop reading.

Nike football boots

Nike is definitely among the biggest football brands in the world. In 1971 Nike released their first football boot, The Nike Football Boot, which was the first boot to bear swoosh. Since back then, Nike has only grown in popularity both among players and consumers. Nike has sponsored some of the biggest players ever walked the earth, among other Ronaldo, Ronaldinho and Thierry Henry. The Nike football boot top models are Hypervenom, Magista, Mercurial, Phantom and Tiempo.

adidas football boots

adidas was formed in 1949, but it was not before 1953 adidas released their first football boot, The Argentinia. Since back then, adidas has become world known for their quality and innovation. The adidas top models are ACE, Copa, Nemeziz and Predator.

PUMA football boots

PUMA launched their first football boot, SUPER ATOM, in 1952. The boot was the world’s first boot with screw-in studs. Since 1952 a lot has happened with PUMA. Today we do not see the SUPER ATOM among their top models, but instead we can mention boots like Future, King, ONE and evoPOWER - all world class boots.

Mizuno football boots

Mizuno is a Japanese sportswear company, founded in 1906. The company might not be a household name on the European football scene, but ask anyone who knows about quality football boots, and we guarantee, they will mention Mizuno. Not only the amount of effort that goes into making a Mizuno boot, but also the quality of materials are extraordinary. The Mizuno top models are the Max, Neo and V1.

New Balance football boots

Even though New Balance is a relatively new brand within the world of football, the company has already established themselves among the absolute elite. With their experience from running shoes, New Balance has introduced extremely comfortable football boots with a great fit. The New Balance top models are Dispatch, Pro and evoTOUCH Pro.

Under Armour football boots

Under Armour is an American company, founded in 1996. Even though it is a young company, Under Armour has already been acknowledged by various football players for their innovative style. At Unisport you can get the top model, The Under Armour Pro.

Umbro football boots

The English sportswear company Umbro, was founded in 1924. Umbro began to manufacture its own football boots in 1986, and has sponsored some of the best English players of all time, among other Alan Shearer and Michael Owen. Umbro is definitely known for quality, and is a big competitor to the biggest football brands in the world. The top models of Umbro boots are Medusae, Speciali, UX and Velocita, and you can find them all at Unisport.