Women's football boots

Football boots for women

It can be difficult to find the right football boots for women. Luckily today most boots are made as unisex, being designed for both men and women. However some of the big brands sometimes release football boots specifically designed for women. adidas was actually the very first brand to introduce football boots specifically made for women back in 1975. Back then, the football boot was named adidas Anja. Luckily, a lot has changed since then.

What is the difference between men and women's football boots?

The easy answer to this, is not much. Today, most football boots are made as unisex, meaning, the boots are suitable for any gender. Does this mean there's is no difference at all? The answer is no - Let’s have a closer look.

Women’s football boots - Sizing

It is no secret that men in most cases are generically larger than women, and that also goes for mens feet. Therefore it cannot come as a surprise for anyone, that sizing is a factor of where we see a difference. Football boots for women are often designed in a slimmer and more narrow shape. However, if you chose to go with a unisex model, in most cases we would recommend you to go down a size to accommodate for the gender difference. This is simply because men often tends to have wider feet than women.

Women’s football boots - Color Schemes

Even though we live in a world where gender is not associated to any specific color, we still see the brands tend to create women's football boots in more feminine color schemes, such as pink and purple. This does not mean that men cannot wear pink boots, and women not wear blue boots. An example of this, was the launch of the adidas Spectral mode pack which consisted of boots in feminine colors - the pack was worn by the French International starplay Paul Pogba and the likes.

adidas and the first women’s boot collection

As mentioned above, we do not in general experience any big difference between men and women's football boots. However, in 2018 adidas decided to change that, as adidas launched their first women’s boot collection. A collection specifically engineered to fit the female foot. The biggest difference from this collection and any other collection was in the size of the studs. Together with female players from all over the world, adidas designed a boot with smaller, shorter studs and unique positioning.

Pick the right football boots for women

As with anything else, it is important to pick the right football boots. Therefore, we at Unisport will do our best to guide you through the huge landscape of football boots to make sure you pick the right model. If you accidentally pick the wrong boot, then do not worry - At Unisport you can easily return your boot, as long as you have not worn nor played in the boots.

Let’s have a closer look at our assortment of football boots for women.

Nike football boots for women

Nike football boots are some of the most coveted boots around the world. The iconic “swoosh” logo is everywhere in the game and it is surely not a coincidence. Nike football has created football boots for over 40 years and they keep creating masterpieces and awesome boots in every kind of colorways. Nike often releases football boot packs for women which consists of the most popular silos. All silos from Nike are made to fit most types of feet. Get the top models from Mercurial, Phantom and Tiempo.

adidas football boots for women

The popular three stripes brand adidas are also one of the biggest football brands out there. The German brand has successfully been part of the game since their first football boots back in 1953. As mentioned earlier, adidas was the very first brand to create a football boot pack for women with their adidas Anja in 1975. Since then, they have created awesome packs available for women in nice looking colorways. Find the popular silos from adidas Predator, Nemeziz, Copa or X. Choose the female models or unisex. We guarantee that adidas has the perfect pair ready for you.

Women football boots - rest of the best

At Unisport we always strive to be premium in everything we do. This also goes for our assortment of women’s football boots. We provide you with football boots from the biggest brands in the world, such as PUMA, New Balance, Under Armour, Mizuno and more. Our boots come in various colorways, with different technologies, and we can almost guarantee that we have the perfect pair for you.<(p>

What type of stud configurations should you pick?

The stud configuration plays a huge part when choosing your next football boot. To make your decision making process easier, we have created a small guide informing you about the most important factors.

FG Football boots for firm grass surfaces

FG football boots also known as football boots for firm ground, are the most common soleplates. The soleplates are made for regular grass pitches. These soleplates will help you penetrate the grass and thereby provide you with the best grip possible.

SG Football boots for soft grass surfaces

SG football boots are for the rainy days with muddy and soft grass. We truly recommend these kinds of soleplates as they are made to give you the best possible grip for soft grass surfaces. SG football boots have fewer studs on the soleplate but the studs are most often longer and made out of metal. Using SG football boots on example FG surface can really harm your knees, and this is why we recommend SG soleplates for rainy days.

AG Football boots for artificial grass surfaces

AG football boots are made for artificial grass surfaces. Artificial grass are commonly known as a very firm and stiff ground. AG soleplates are ideal for this sort of surface. The studs are usually round providing you with an easier movement. The AG soleplates are characterised by having numerous shorter studs to enhance shock absorption and provide a better grip on the artificial surface.

Buy women’s football boots online at Unisport

At Unisport we always strive to fulfill your every need and provide you with the best shopping experience possible. This is also why we constantly update our selection of products, to accommodate your every wish. Should it happen that we for some reason do not showcase a specific product, or you simply have a question that we did not answer through this text, then do not hesitate to contact our customer service. You can find the relevant contact information in the footer. Now all you have to do is to pick your favorite football boots, make your order and be ready to conquer the football pitch