Uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves Supersoft HN - Black

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Uhlsport Goalkeeper Gloves Supersoft HN - Black

Goalkeepers glove from one of the leading manufactures - Uhlsport. In just one glove, you get many of the specs that makes Uhlsport one of the leading brands.

• Shockzone collection
• Supersoft latex
• Half Negative cut

Outstanding grip and touch on the ball
A goalkeeper glove lives and dies, with its level of quality. Uhlsports Supersoft latex provides you with a sublime grip, not matter if the weather is dry or it is pouring rain. Also, it offers a high level of shock absorption - protecting your from powerful shots. The glove is designed with a half negative cut, providing you with an overall extremely high level of comfort. The cut features inner seams, allowing the glove to sit tight on your hand and fingers. Also, it ensures a higher level of latex to ball contact, giving you top notch touch on the ball.

Comfortabel and breathable
The back hand is made from a mix of flexible latex material and a mesh material. The latex protects your hand, while the textile material allows for ventilation and breathability. Ventilation is a key point when it comes to gloves. This is why Uhlsport has incorporated their Shockzone technology, that features a foamlike material that enhances your boxing abilities.

Designed with a full elastic close, with latex. Adjustable for a personal fit.