Nike Tech Fleece

In August 2013 Nike introduced their brand new clothing collection. The Nike Tech pack got re-introduced and the first collection consisted of the new Nike Tech Fleece. Nike have succeeded with developing a fleece material, which optimizes the fit and functionality. The design is incredible athletic and Nike Tech Fleece has been seen to be the future within classic sports and fitness clothing. The Nike Tech Fleece is a soft material with a low weight, warmth and freedom to move as never before. A soft foam between a triple layer of outer fabric gives an optimal comfort and warmth when needed. Thanks to this unique material, Nike is capable of creating fashionable and modern clothing, which keeps you warm. Nike Tech Fleece is lighter, warmer and more breathable than any earlier material that Nike have been used in their selection.

In the current Nike Tech Fleece collection you will find anything from hoodies, sweatshirts, trousers, shorts, snapbacks and in some coincidences also shoes. The clothing from Nike's collection has already become a classic and this is easy to understand when wearing the clothes. Nike Tech Fleece is innovative clothing for everyday use, but it can also be used for training and sports. It is modern. It is the present. It is the future.

Nike Tech Fleece got its breakthrough in the world of football during the World Cup in 2014, where all the big stars, such as Neymar Jr. and Cristiano Ronaldo, was seen wearing the new clothing in between matches and during their travles. Today some clubs even have their own training clothes in a Tech Fleece-version, so you can actually show your support to the club by wearing the smart, modern and functional club.

Some of the classic clothing that have used the Nike Tech Fleece technology is the AW77, Windrunner and Crew Sweatshirts. You can ofcourse find it all right at You can easily order and we offer quick delivey and affordable prices. Don't forget to look at our offers page, where you also can find discounted products from the Nike Tech Fleece collection.