Premier Sock Tape

Premier Sock Tape has conquered the football world, forever changing how one views sock tape. Their special technology har gained many loyal followers, and it is one of the most used sock tapes in the English Premier League. It is made from a soft material, that prevent restiction air and blood flow. it is available in many sizes, widths and colors - so there is most definitely also one for you!

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Premier Sock Tape sock tape is the newest addition when it comes to sock tape, and their innovative products have already been hugely popular. Premier have developed a Sock Tape of a soft material which is very elastic, which combines the best of two worlds. It holds both your soccer socks and shin guards in place without being too tight, so as not to cut off the blood flow.

Premier Sock Tape has become really popular, and to emphasize how good their product is, more than 10 clubs in the Premier League use them.