adidas Shin pads

In theme with all their major lines, adidas has a selection of football shin pads that coincide with the designs of other products under the same heading. Some popular lines that have multiple items of the same theme are the Ace, X and Messi series. Each football shin pad produced is made to the same standards as all of their products. Using technologies and techniques that have been worked on throughout the decades, adidas continues to improve upon the concept of making the lightest and toughest shin pads possible.

Their basic sleeve design uses compression therapy to not only help keep the shin guards in place, but also support blood flow in the player's leg. Some sleeves, such as the ones offered with the Messi shin guards are made with adidas's patented techfit technology. It differs from regular compression style fitting in that it is designed to help focus the muscle energy inward for better speed and endurance for running. In all of their sleeves, they have synthetic lining inside to ensure a comfortable fit for long periods of time. Whether in game or at practice, the more comfortable the shin guard is, the more likely it will keep them from feeling cumbersome and distracting. Injection molded plastic composites help ensure a precise shape to each football shin guard. Using materials such as EPP, Polycarbonate, and Polypropylene adidas can produce lighter weight shin guards that can still take a decent amount of knocks and kicks.

Outside of the many features that make them so durable and remarkable in regards to protection and support, adidas football shin guards are also known for being vividly coloured. Like all of their products, their shin guards are not only extremely functional, they can make quite a statement on the field. With their wide range of matching sets, it is easy to find a combination of gear that matches up. The selection in colours and styles also makes them ideal for those who like to show off team spirit or just want to make a statement when running from box to box.