G-Form Shin Pads Pro-S Elite Yellow

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G-Form Shin Pads Pro-S Elite Yellow

G-Form is the latest and most revolutionising within shin pad technology. For all the time that football players have been using shin pads, it has been in the shape of a hard shell. G-Form are now ready to break this pattern, and with the Pro-S Elite they introduce a more flexible and yet extremely protective shin pad.

G-Form makes use of their RPT technology, which is short for "Reactive Protection Technology". The "Shell" is thinner, lighter and more protective than hard shell shin pads. The RPT technology is revolutionising due to its soft and flexible shell; but as soon as the shin takes a hit, it hardens. The flexible shell absorbs up to 90% of the energy from the hit, as it gets distributed all across the shin. hereby, the energy is also distributed, and you will hardly feel the impact. On the Pro-S Elite, the shell is no thicker than 6,5 mm, which provides an even lower profile than the classic Pro-S shin pad.

The G-Form Pro-S Elite is made with a shell that is sewn into the associated Lycra compression sock. This allows the shin pad to always deliver a snug fit and stay in place. In addition, the shin pad will fit naturally and adapt to your leg and keep its position when being used. The result is a fit that naturally shapes itself in accordance with your leg, as if the shin pad was designed to fit your specific anatomy. In order to further increase the comfort, an air-vent system has been incorporated. This increases the breath ability, as it allows warmth to be released.

The Pro-S shin from G-Form has been tested by more than 20 national teams across the world, so there is no question that G-Form is the future in terms of shin pads!

Please note: The shin pad can go in the laundry machine, so it will feel as good and fresh as new every time you need it.