G-Form T-Shirt Compression Pro-X Black/Yellow

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G-Form T-Shirt Compression Pro-X Black/Yellow

We've seen the technology on their shin pads and now G-Form also incorporate their revolutionising RPT technology on baselayer. The compression shirt has protective zones, which makes it ideal for goalkeepers, who want the ultimate protection underneath his or her shirt. The protective zones are strategically placed, so you are covered where you need it.

G-Form makes use of their RPT technology, which is short for "Reactive Protection Technology". The RPT technology is revolutionising due to its soft and flexible shell; but as soon as the shin takes a hit, it hardens. The flexible shell absorbs up to 90% of the energy from the hit, as it gets distributed all across the impact area. hereby, the energy is also distributed, and you will hardly feel the knock. RPT Impact Protection is anatomically designed, so the material bends with the body, which means you keep your natural movability and mobility.

The G-Form Compression shirt is made with a shell that is sewn into the baselayer top. This allows them to always deliver a snug fit and stay in place. Furthermore you get compression for your muscles, so you are always ready to spring to your teams rescue. To increase the comfort, it has an air-vent system incorporated and this system increases breathability, as the material lets out excess heat.

Please note: The baselayer shirt can go in the laundry machine, so it will feel as good and fresh as new, every time you need them.